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9  Feb 2004 :
We are proud to announce the birth
of our first cinnamon spotted oriental.

Sorry, this girl is already booked.

* Kittens available to go 15 Feb. 2004 *

2 black shaded tabby boys
1 chocolate shaded tabby boy
1 lilac boy

Sire: Winnetou's Skywalker IMP, 38a, Denmark.
Dam: El Amar's Gariad IMP, 37, Denmark.
These kittens have a 100% import pedigree.


* Kittens available to go 13 March 2004 *

1 lilac tabby point boy

1 blue tabby point boy
Booked by LaVaYaRa in Holland

Sire: Ch. Piena Sydneynotaspot, caramel shaded.
Dam: CymruCath's Gwenddydd, blue tabby point.
These kittens have a 50% import pedigree.


Kittens ready to go after 4 may 2004

1 black boy
1 seal tabby point boy
1 chocolate spotted girl

Sire: Winnetou's Skywalker
Dam: El Amar's Annwyl


*  Kittens born 12 August 2002  *

Sire: Winnetou's Skywalker IMP Denmark - blue spotted tabby
Dam: El Amar's Annwyl IMP Denmark - black

see our photos

* Kittens born 22 September 2003 *

Sire: Winnetou's Skywalker IMP Denmark
Dam: El Amar's Gariad IMP Denmark

see our photos

Please contact us for further information on kittens for sale.

All our kittens are micro chipped, fully vaccinated, insured
and treated for fleas and worms.

We are happy to arrange transport.

photos of previous litters